22PLE VX1 Signature Glass Coating (For Painted Clear Coats)

Starting at $250 (Coupes), $275 (Sedans), $300 (Small SUV’s), $325 (SUV’s)

*Note: Vehicle must be polished prior to the application of any semi-permanent coating. Prices do NOT include polishing or detailing packages.

-22 PLE VX1 provides a strong semi-permanent protective coating.
-Dries into a hardened high silica-content glass barrier
-It protects the surface so contamination will not readily stick to the surface.
-Water beading off the surface makes the drying process faster and safer which reduces the risk of marring
-Provides 18-24 months of protection for a daily driver

22PLE VM1 Metal/Wheel Coating

$180 (Up to 20″ Wheels), $100 (Calipers), $50 (Exhaust Tips)

*Note: Price includes clay bar treatment and surface prep. Hand/Machine polishing is additional

-22 PLE VM1 is designed for metal trim, wheels, exhaust tips, and painted brake calipers
-Withstands temperatures up to 700 degrees!