Stage 1 Detail

1 Step Paint Correction  (50% Imperfection Removal) Work Time: 10-12 Hours

Starting at $350 (Coupes)

, $375 (Sedans), $400 (CUV’s), $450 (SUV’s)

• Dual bucket hand wash using citrus shampoo to remove existing wax/sealant

• Clean and degrease wheel wells

• Wash wheels using a safe pH balanced cleaner

• Clean & strip old tire dressings

• Air out jambs and crevices

• Clean all door, hood, trunk and fuel jambs

• NanoSkin treatment of paint surfaces, glass, and plastic lenses

• Orbital DA polish all surfaces to remove swirl marks, maximize clarity and gloss

• Shampoo vehicle to remove polishing oils before applying protection

• Orbital DA applied premium paint sealant to protect and maintain all surfaces

• Premium sealant applied to door jambs

• Premium sealant hand applied to wheel faces & spokes

• Condition tires & trim

• Exhaust tips cleaned and hand polished

• Clean, vacuum, and shampoo the complete interior

• Clean, vacuum, and shampoo all carpets and mats

• Clean and condition all leather and vinyl surfaces

• Clean all glass, gauge clusters, radio and navigation screens

• Clean all interior wood or carbon fiber accents and trim

• Clean windows and mirrors inside & out

• *Add ultra premium finish wax $40 **See Wax Menu

• *Add 22PLE semi-permanent glass coating $250+Up **See Coatings Menu